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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 p.m., starts now. >> hours away from voting and the candidates are wrapping oplong day -- wrapping up a long day. mitt romney and president obama hopes to sway the minds of the undecided and getting out the vote. >> are you fired up? >> yeah. >> are you ready to go? >> thank you so very much. [ music playing ] >> hello columbus! >> hello ohio! >> what a welcome. thank you. thank you so much.
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what a great virginia welcome. >> hello iowa! >> anybody wants to know where the energy is, if anyone that is following politics wants to know where the energy is, come right here in this room. >> the first election results are in tonight and it is a tie. president obama and mitt romney each received 5 votes a piece in new hampshire. the small town's polls opened after midnight every election year, a tradition since 1968. the tie was a historical first. officials in new york and in new jersey are taking steps to try to make sure residents impacted by superstorm sandy get a chance to vote tomorrow. you are looking at after math of the storm. in one county ballots were delivered to shelters today.
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the governor allowed people to vote tomorrow at any polling place in the state. election officials in contra costa county are already hard at work with the thousands of mail in ballots. kron 4's justine waldman has more. >> reporter: the votes are already being counted in contra costa county. >> we have been working double shifts to get them counted. >> reporter: he tells me his office sent out 310,000 vote by mail ballots. as of monday night, 185,000 have been tallied and put in boxes with more on the way. >> we will get 40,000 tomorrow. >> reporter: to keep them from jamming any of the machines, workers smoothed out any ridges. there are ways to fix ballots
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with mistake. >> coffee will pick up on a target, we have to remake that ballot. ballots that are torn. chewed up by a machine. >> reporter: it takes two people to transfer the information. >> contra costa county. measure a. we have yes. >> he wants voters to remember one thing. >> if you don't get it to us by 8:00, it doesn't count. >> reporter: in contra costa county just seen w, kron 4 news -- just teen w, kron 4 news -- justine waldman, kron 4 news. >> measure n will place a tax on sugary drinks, soda, sports drink. the tax would not apply to 100%
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juice drinks nor on sweetened milk. kron 4's reggie kumar is live to tell us about the pros and cons. >> reporter: the students who argued in favor of measure n asking people to vote yes tomorrow won tonight's debate here at the high school. >> these seniors aren't old enough to vote yet but they say it was important for people to understand how to vote for this measure when they cast their ballot on election day. that is why he wanted these students to participate in this debate assignment. >> the obesity rate is high. contra costa county did a study this year that shows we have record rates of obeatty -- of obesity. and it is important, especially here that we investigate these
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issues as they effect the students here and the community, their families and their friends. >> 52% of 6-7 grade students are over weight or obese. >> it targets voters -- >> reporter: this tax has put richmond on the map nationally and officials know if it passes other cities could follow suit. they say companies poured millions into advertising to sway residents to vote against measure n. if measure n passes it would be the first soda tax in the nation. live, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. four states will be taking up same-sex marriage. kron 4's jr stone has more. >> reporter: when it comes to gay marriage tuesday could be
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historic. same-sex marriage measures will be on ballots in maine, minnesota, maryland and washington. if any of the measures are successful for gays and lesbians couples it will be the first time it is legalized by a popular vote. maine could be the first. those in minnesota will vote on whether or not to ban guam gay marriage but allow civil unions. tuesday's election will be the first time voters dialed in. >> that was jr stone. six states and washington, d.c. legalized same-sex marriage. and a reminder, kron 4 news will have live coverage on election night, starts at 8:00 p.m.
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tuesday night and stay updated on as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. it was an unusually warm day today. temperatures record breaking. 79 degrees at sfo. same in oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. 84 degrees. which was higher than the previous records. it was warm today and we have another warm day tomorrow. clear skies over night. fog is responsible near the coast line. sunny and warm tomorrow but changes later this week. what you can expect coming up. new tonight at 11:00 three women arrested in the death of a child at a child care facility on october 23. police received a call reporting an infant not breathing. the boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. after a autopsy and
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investigation, they determined the baby was suffocated by bedding. three care givers were arrested today for involuntary manslaughter. all three are richmond residents. bail is $75,000. coming up tonight, you could call it the ultimate absentee ballot, how astronauts are voting from space and the man who vandalized a muni bus appears in court. we will have details. >> coming up later in the broadcast, can the warriors keep it rolling in sacramento and if you missed it from yesterday, talk about an inspirational mome
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. every single vote counts and that includes those u.s. citizens who may not be on the
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planet. astronauts will get a chance to cast their vote. mission control in houston e- mail as digital version of the ballot to the astronauts, and they send it back down. the system is possible thanks to a bill that passed in texas in 1997. a committee of san francisco's board of supervisors approved a ban on public nudity today. they voted 3-0 to send that ordinance to the pull board for a vote. legislation would prohibit it from the waste down in public around the city. it is allowed in san francisco currently as long as there is not lewd conduct associated with it. it was warm out there to [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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ob whaley elementary school principal lin vijayendran charged with failing to report a teacher who was suspect offend molesting students at ob whaley elementary school was found guilty today. the teacher is in jail awaiting his trial for molesting fbi second grade girls. protesters -- prosecutors say had the principal alerted police sooner it may have saved
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at least one victim. >> when you be the responsibility of hundreds of children in your care you can't afford to drop the ball like that. it was just -- it was -- she got horrible advice from hr. and she didn't do what she knew she had to do. >> the principal faced up to 6 months in prison but face as fine and 100 hours of community service. more bad news for san francisco. muni's insurance will not cover the damage from the bus that was touched during the giants world series parade. -- torched during the giants world series parade. muni will have to foot the bill for the replacement. san francisco is working hard on tracking down those responsible for destroying the
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bus. the man who was seen smashing windows on the bus was in court. >> reporter: gregory graniss hung his hend and looked upset as he -- hung his head and looked upset as he walked out of court today. this was a picture taken by a san francisco photographer that night. today gregory graniss pled not guilty and his attorney said he has a message for the people of san francisco. >> he is very, very sorry. >> it is nice to hear. unfortunately we have a million dollars in damages. he was part of that group. we had people that were on the bus. >> reporter: the district attorney says an apology isn't enough. he spoke today saying the investigation is only getting
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started. >> we want to second a clear message that you come to san francisco, you celebrate, but if you come here to damage property or hurt people there will be consequences. >> reporter: he is charged with two counts of felony vandalism. as more evidence comes out, more charges could be pending. kron 4 news. warm day out there today. temperatures in the 70s and 80s through the bay area. 79 in half moon bay. 79 concord. we set record high temperatures in santa rosa, redwood city and san jose. here is what you can expect. tomorrow is another gorgeous day. clear outside. we will have sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. wednesday changes move in. the fog returns. temperatures cool and will cool more thursday. rain returning by the french
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50s and low 60s. south of the golden gate bridge tomorrow, 60s out the door. getting into the 70s by noon. widespread 70s and low 80s through the bay area. low 80s tomorrow again. close to the record temperatures but i don't think we will breaking any. low 80s tomorrow. 79 in san jose. we will be in the upper 70s for inland valleys. east bay shores, temperatures in the 70s. 74 heyward. 60s and 70s near the coast line. sea breeze winds kick back in in the afternoon. that will cool things down coast side. look at your extended forecast. warm tomorrow but changes wednesday, thursday, friday. rain returning thursday and friday.
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temperatures dropping as a result. 50s friday afternoon. we will rebound slowly into the weekend and next week. a new report shows apple shares of the market for tablets fell to 50%. this comes as they face more competition. apple still has a solid lead and ships more ipads around the world. in july-september, 14 million were shipped. that is up 26% from a year ago. apple could regain share during the holidays with the new devices. netflix adopted a poison pill defense plan to protect against hostile takeovers. it would kick in if anyone acquires 10% or more shares without the approval from the board. the move is a direct response
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to a raider. he bought a 10% stake in the company last week. in sports, an nfl coach makes an impassioned speech to his team and the warriors hoping to keep the kings winless for the season. gary is next, he has the sports.
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all right. good evening, everybody. warriors in sacramento continue their run of entertaining
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games. they called it a blackout in sacramento, wearing the black jerseys. they were o0-3 coming -- they were 0-3 coming into the game. cousins 23 points. he played 19 points. 12 rebounds. limited action. thompson was the star. 22 points. sacramento right back. they were 10-0 runs on both sides. 5 point lead for sacramento. at the finish. thompson misses the jumper that would have put the warriors back in it. they had a three at the finish that could have won it. 94-92. the warriors 2-2. they play cleveland wednesday night in oakland. raiders lose a game as doug martin runs through the tampa bay defense yesterday for 251 yards and 4 touchdowns. three of them went for 45 yards
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or more. and they lose darren mcfadden, the team's best player. although at this point in time you may be better suited to say the team's most injured player. he may miss this week. dennis allen a little quit. >> he had an x-ray and mri that was negative. we will see how he responds this week. we haven't ruled him out for the game. >> all right. colt's coach chuck pagano learned his leukemia is in remission. he joined his team after the win yesterday. >> i have circumstances. you understand ait. i understand it. -- you understand it. i understand it. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> i am living to see two more daughters get married, dance at their wedding and hoist that lombardi several times -- [ cheers and applause ] >> several times we will hoist that baby. >> chuck pagano's goal, coach the colts in their december 30 finale. michael vick, oh, my gosh. if he had a talk show in philadelphia, you know what the topic would be. 77 yards to desean jackson. but michael vick sacked 7 times on the night. out played by drew brees. drew brees to jimmy graham. 239 yards. here is michael vick, 22-41. 272 yards. 7 times he thrown to the turf.
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eagles are 3-5. 28-13. we will see what is next in philadelphia. they all over him there. 2 years, $26 million deals for david ortiz to stay with the red sox and blasted bobby v. he made comments he quit on the team and then he tried to text him to explain, he said he didn't return the text because he doesn't deal with crazy people or folks with mental issues. david ortiz, the last you quit 26 million, i may not answer your text either. >> you would not. >> all right. we will see you tomorrow young lady. you will be in action for our coverage of the election.
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